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Some recent and some old inventions aimed at improving the way you exercise.

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PowerBreathe Store

PowerBreathe. A hand-held inspiratory muscle trainer, which is a unique, easy-to-use, drug free product designed to help reduce ...

PowerBreathe Store

Yoga Mat Yoga Mat (Yoga Mat)  

Yoga Mat

Enhance your Yoga practice with this 68" yoga mat.

Here's what the manufacturers Living Arts have to say.....

Whatever ...

Sting Ray (front squat aid) Sting Ray (front squat aid) (Sting Ray)  

Stingray (Sting ray) Front Squat training device

The Sting Ray has become very popular among all front squatters, ...

Squat block/calf raise Squat block/calf raise (Squat Block)  

Squat Block / Calf Raise Block
PowerLift Squat Block
A combination squat platform for stabilizing the ...

Press up bars Press up bars (Press up bars)  

Press up bars

Foam covered handle grips for comfort, great for press/push ups and stretching.

Portable Steam Sauna Portable Steam Sauna (Steam Sauna)  

Portable Steam Sauna

Modelled on the steam saunas of ancient Rome and Greece the Portable Steam Sauna ...

Manta Ray (Squat Aid) Manta Ray (Squat Aid) (Manta Ray)  

Manta Ray

Many of you reading this would've endured years of wrapping towels, belts, pipe-lagging and anything ...

Lifting Hooks Lifting Hooks (Lifting Hooks)  

Lifting Hooks

We got these in to stock for a friend who'd lost a couple of fingers during an ...

Chinning Frame Chinning Frame (Chinning Frame)  

Doorway Chinning Frame

Bodysolid chin-up bar, convert and standard doorwar into a chinup / knee raise staition.

Uniquely ...

Body Fat Callipers Body Fat Callipers (Body Fat Callipers)  

Slimguide Skinfold / Bodyfat calipers
The Slimguide bodyfat Caliper is possibly the most universally used skinfold ...

Bicep Bomber Bicep Bomber (Bicep Bomber)  

Bicep Bomber

Uniquely contoured design allows you to pack on the poundage whilst keeping good form - ...

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