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Body Fat Callipers (Body Fat Callipers)
Includes Fat Measurement Book.
Includes Fat Measurement Book.

Slimguide Skinfold / Bodyfat calipers
The Slimguide bodyfat Caliper is possibly the most universally used skinfold calliper in the professional and domestic market.
This caliper opens wide enough for elbow breadth measurement for determining frame size. Instruction book includes table for determining frame size. Range to 80 mm. Commonly thought of as the best of the lower priced bodyfat calipers. It includes a detailed instructional booklet on the effective and accurate use of the caliper.



Reference: Callipers

UPC code: Callipers

Manufactured by: BF

Ref Callipers
Description Body Fat Callipers (Body Fat Callipers)

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