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Sting Ray (front squat aid) (Sting Ray)
The Sting Ray in use.
The Sting Ray in use.

Stingray (Sting ray) Front Squat training device

The Sting Ray has become very popular among all front squatters, in particular cyclists performing high reps. I, Matt, perform high rep front squats during my diet season and gradually found my own technique to avoid the bar either rolling towards my windpipe or rolling forward down my arms. I now front squat with my heels slightly raised (the squat block advertised is good for this) and do not lock out at the top of the movement. I found that with my heels raised the bar didn't roll towards my neck on the down phase and by knock locking out on the top phase I didn't drop my arms. However, it took me a long time to perform this comfortably and I would've welcomed the Sting Ray to my training if I'd found it earlier. Pete, GymRatZ owner, is an advocate of both the Manta Ray and Sting Ray and has found them invaluable in his training.

Rather than avoid such a good leg development exercise as the front squat I'd seriously suggest adding the Sting Ray to your kit bag.

<strong>Fits regular or olympic bars./strong>
Fits regular or olympic bars./strong>

Reference: Sting Ray

UPC code: Sting Ray

Manufactured by: Sting Ray

Ref Sting Ray
Description Sting Ray (front squat aid) (Sting Ray)

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