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Fattack Fattack
Fattack (120 capsules per pot)
Fattack (120 capsules per pot)


Used by athletes having a "cheat meal" a week (one meal of complete indulgence) this product has now become more popular with the nutritionally challenged, i.e. those who eat a lot of "junk" food. One of the many bad side effects to a diet lacking in fibre, high in saturated fat, and high in starchy carbohydrates tends to be constipation. The Fattack blend contains Absorbitol Fibre, Phaseolamin and Vit C.

Absorbitol Fibre is an all natural fibre extract from Shell fish.

Phaseolamin (Phase II) is more commonly advertised as a "starch blocker". The ingredient is a standardized, all-natural, non-stimulant starch neutralizer, extracted from a portion of the kidney bean.

Most people are aware of the numerous beneficial effects of Vitamin C, including as an antioxidant. According to Maximuscle, research also suggests that its inclusion enhances the actions of Absorbitol.

Maximuscle recommended use:

Take 3 caspules with each meal, with water. Best taken with meals high in fat and starch, i.e. bread, potatoes, pasta, grains (does not work with simple sugars). Take no more than 9 capsules daily. Only take to help control diet or allow "cheat" meals. Do not take with essential fatty acids (good fats). Do not exceed recommended use.

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Ref Fattack
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