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VersaClimber Sport VersaClimber Sport
VersaClimber - The Ultimate in fitness equipment
VersaClimber - The Ultimate in fitness equipment

VersaClimber Sport

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The Versa climber Sport Model, formerly the LX, is the original climbing and stepping machine, refined and improved for a new generation of health and fitness enthusiasts.

Gym Ratz UK say - "The Versa Climber is one of the most effective and compact pieces of fitness equipment you could ever use. Adjustable hydraulic resistance up to 500lbs (227 Kg) on the Versa Climber Sport makes for a perfect combination of stamina and sports specific strength, and, by exercising ALL the major muscle groups in the body, a huge amount of calories can also be burnt if fat loss and all-over body conditioning is your goal."

The Versa Climber Sport's climb-step ratio of 1:1, provides a satisfying zero-impact, total body workout.

Standard hydraulic resistance on the Versa Climber Sport enables resistance to be altered by up to 227 kg (500 lbs), so the Versa climber can play an integral role in the health and fitness regime of anyone, regardless of age, weight, height or level of fitness.

And because the Versa climber takes up so little floor space, it's a popular addition to small and medium-sized gyms, as well as the UK's leading large health club chains.

More than 20 years after the first Versa climber was launched, the Versa Climber Sport Model is still the leader in its field.

"I find the Versa climber absolutely superb. I use it every other day at home as part of my training schedule. The beauty of the Versa climber is that, by making a few simple adjustments, I can alter it to train different sets of muscles."

Sir Ranulph Fiennes - 'The World's Greatest Living Explorer' (Guinness Book of Records)

Versa Climber Sport - An essential item for every fitness centre & gym
Versa Climber Sport - An essential item for every fitness centre & gym
  • Floor Space - 122 x 122 cm - Height 239 cm
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Resistance
  • Weight of Versa Climber - 70 Kg

Reference: VC-Sport

UPC code: VersaClimber-Sport

Manufactured by: VersaClimber

Installation available on request
Ref VC-Sport
Description VersaClimber Sport VersaClimber Sport

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