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VersaClimber Club VersaClimber Club
VersaClimber - The Ultimate in fitness equipment
VersaClimber - The Ultimate in fitness equipment

VersaClimber Club

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VersaClimber Club - formerly the EZ, is a more versatile machine suitable for every exercise program, from raw beginner to the elite athlete.

Gym Ratz UK say - "The Versa Climber is one of the most effective and compact pieces of fitness equipment you could ever use. Adjustable hydraulic resistance up to 500lbs (227 Kg) on the Versa Climber Club makes for a perfect combination of stamina and sports specific strength with an easier step ratio than the Versa Climber Sport; and, by exercising ALL the major muscle groups in the body, a huge amount of calories can also be burnt if fat loss and all-over body conditioning is your goal."

Designed using feedback from Versaclimber enthusiasts at a large cross section of gyms, the Versaclimber Club is particularly ideal for novice and intermediate Versaclimber users. The Versaclimber Club has an easier stepping action of a 2.7:1 step and climb ratio, unlike the Sport Model's 1:1 ratio, which means that the step length of the Club is half of the arms' climbing action.

Standard hydraulic resistance on the Versaclimber Club enables resistance to be altered by up to 228kg (500lbs), so the machine can play an integral role in the health and fitness regime of anyone, regardless of age, weight, height or level of fitness.

The new advanced console - a standard feature on all Versaclimbers - has been developed to help all users achieve their workout goals.

The Versaclimber Console features specialised volume-controlled voice instruction, which talks users through their workout and offers motivational messages.

"The Versaclimber is a machine I can use for people who want a maximal workout, or a new gym user requiring a lighter workout. The machine is so versatile, that I count it as one of the most valuable tools in a training regime."

Neil Rhodes - personal trainer and Versaclimber World Record holder

Versa Climber Club - An essential item for every fitness centre & gym
Versa Climber Club - An essential item for every fitness centre & gym
  • Floor Space - 122 x 122 cm - Height 239 cm
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Resistance
  • Weight of Versa Climber - 70 Kg

Reference: VC-Club

UPC code: VersaClimber-Club

Manufactured by: VersaClimber

Installation available on request
Ref VC-Club
Description VersaClimber Club VersaClimber Club

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