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FluidRower (FD-Fluid-Rower)
Cadence Coach Rower - Full commercial quality and build.
Cadence Coach Rower - Full commercial quality and build.

First Degree Fitness - Fluid Rower

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Water Resistance Rower (Suitable for heavy commercial use)

Those of you that have used the Fluid Rower already know what a brilliant peice of kit it is. For those of you that haven't used the Fluid Rower before and are looking for a substantial rower then the Fluid Rower's ceratinly worth a look, providing you've got enough space.

Men's Fitness tested the various rowers on the market in their November 2004 issue, here's what they had to say about the Fluid Rower:

"As with the WaterRower, the machine uses water to create the resistance you feel while you row. The difference here is that the resistance can be varied by changing the amount of water allowed into the drum with a dial. It's smooth to row, with the stroke requiring a constant application of force, just as with real rowing. The high seat, thick handle and solid build inspires confidence. The computer is easy to read and covers all your basic training needs. You may need a whole room to keep it in though.....5 out of 5" Men's Fitness BEST BUY!

Here's what the Manufacturers, First Degree Fitness, say about the Fluid Circuit Rower:

For some people rowing is more than an exercise, it's a sport, a passion, a source of enjoyment and expression of self. For them, nothing compares to the pleasure of the exercise, the natural experience of man against the elements. This is the essence that First Degree Fitness have distilled and bottled for the world to enjoy!

Designed for use in health clubs the Fluid Circuit Rower offers a multitude of unique features that make it the best choice for any environment. With a foot print more like that of a recumbent exercise bike, it actually fits into a line of cardiovascular equipment., being taller and shorter than other rowers.

Smooth adjustment is achieved by the flick of a lever. The rowing stroke is smoothed by the momentum effect of the stainless steel flywheel/impeller. Special attention to details include: a user friendly computer with auto start and one button reset (right where you can see it), quick adjust heel support (change in a flash with one hand), office chair seat height for easy entry and exit, natural ergonomics and a range of resistance sufficient to meet the needs of any exerciser. All this is supported by a Limited 5 Year Warranty in commercial applications.

  • 20 levels of resistance are available with the patented Fluid Circuit.

  • 8 litres of fluid is held in storage or released in metered amounts to change resistance.

  • At level 1, just a few drops of fluid are providing minimal resistance.

  • At level 20, all 8 litres provide a heavy duty workout for the strongest user.

  • Best of all, its very user friendly.
First Degree Fitness - Fluid Circuit Rower Rowing Machine built for extreme use
  • Exceptional function and feel
  • Abundance of features and benefits
  • Outstanding durability
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Ease of maintenance & repair
  • Incredibly smooth and quiet operation
  • Full commercial quality
  • Polar heart rate reception in-built.
  • Engineered for health clubs and ideal for every application
  • Incorporates Cadence Coach technology for enhanced workout efficiency

Cadence Coach

The built-in Cadence Coach is the secret to smooth rowing and consistent training stroke rate. Fluid within the resistance chamber is circulated vertically to maximise the smoothness of the stroke, a minimum cadence (or stroke rate) is required. This allows the momentum of the flywheel to be maintained against the resistance of the fluid.

Many trainers use the resulting cadence to time their stoke rate. The "catch" phase of the rowing action feels remarkably similar to actual, outdoor rowing. The minimum stroke rate this engenders encourages the user to exercise at a reasonable level.

To use this unique feature, just choose a resistance level (between 1-20) that allows you to maintain the Cadence Coach stroke rate (about 20-24 strokes per minute). If you find it difficult, simply lower the resistance level until you feel comfortable.

Fluid Circuit Rowers - Ease of storage and mobility.
Fluid Circuit Rowers - Ease of storage and mobility.
  • Incredibly Smooth operation
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Commercial quality rower
  • Suitable for all ages and strengths of user
  • FREE DELIVERY (Mainland UK)

Reference: FDF-Rower + £30 Voucher

UPC code: FDF-Fluid Rower

Manufactured by: FirstDegreeFitness

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Ref FDF-Rower + £30 Voucher
Description FluidRower (FD-Fluid-Rower)

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